Want a MicroStore?

Are you interested in selling your high resolution downloads at Downloads NOW!  ?  Read below

What is a MicroStore?
A customized download webpage for selling DSD, Super Resolution, High Resolution or CD Quality Downloads of individual tracks or an album of music.  Each MicroStore can be up to 80 minutes of music or one album length.

Sell the music the way you heard it in the studio.  Our files are the closest representation of the master recordings.  If  your label and customers are unhappy with mp3s limited sound, you are ready for Downloads NOW!  We can deliver full sized DSD, DXD, and PCM of all sampling rates.  The only limitation is the speed of the internet to your customers.  We also provide download links to your album or enhanced graphics.

Our downloads can be purchased and delivered anywhere in the world.  We have attracted thousands of customers and maintain a periodic newsletter that features new music.  Our proprietary music discovery module, Artist Connex, rotates all music on every MicroStore connecting our network of albums while alerting visitors to new music. 

Instant notification of purchase combined with customer information allows the artist and label to develop fan relationships through direct email contact. All Standard Downloads NOW! pages come equipped with Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Artist Connex Music Discovery Module and full length song previews.

Unlike iTunes or Amazon downloads, our proprietary electronic delivery system allows for flexible pricing. The artist or label can choose the price of each song (especially well suited for classical, jazz or songs that are longer than 6 minutes).

Join the revolution for better quality sound!

For more information on our MicroStores as a label or an artist, please contact support@DownloadsNOW.net