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By clicking on the link below, you'll find a simplistic spreadsheet of all the music available on Downloads NOW! and which music is on sale.  The rows highlighted in yellow indicate the music has a 20% rebate associated.  For more information send a note to sends e-mail)

Downloads NOW! list of music with rebates! Click this link to access!(link is external)

You'll also find a listing of Genre or Moods which we will frequently update.


Direct Stream Digital (DSD), Super Resolution, Hi-Res Audio or CD Quality Music Downloads. 

Downloads NOW! is a Digital Delivery Network for Super Resolution DSD and PCM music tracks.  We create MicroStores that send the highest quality audio to music lovers around the globe.

Unlike mosts digital retail outlets we encourage artist and label participation in our MicroStore DDN offering our music lovers more information, graphics, insights to the recording and a premium product.

Downloads NOW! was the first DSD digital music store sending full size music files through the internet.  Through technology innovations that include patent pending processes we offer better customer experience.   We exist for our music loving customers.

If you have questions or comments about your downloads or inquiries for distribution, please contact us at  Expect a response within 24 hours.

We sincerely thank you for your support of high quality music!

The Downloads NOW! Crew
A division of Blue Coast Music 


Available Formats - (Total file size for approx. 50 minute album indicated in italics):

  • DSD - Super Resolution Audio 2.8MHz DSF or DFF (2.00GB)
  • WAV - 24bit 192kHz WAV (3.25GB), 176.4kHz WAV (3.00GB), 96kHz WAV (1.6GB), 88.2kHz WAV (1.50GB), 48kHz WAV (830MB), or CD Quality 16bit 44.1kHz WAV (500MB)
  • FLAC - 24bit 192kHz FLAC (2.18GB) or 96kHz FLAC (1.20GB)
(File sizes are approximate.  All formats are not necessarily available for each title)

ESE - Extended Sound Environment, Blue Coast Records' proprietary recording technique (more info)

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